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Cixelsyd Xes Noitacude or "Dyslexic Sex Education"

Settle down, ssalc. It’s time to learn about gnikcuf. Gnikcuf is a reality of efil. In fact, it’s perfectly larutan to want to kcuf. Just remember when you kcuf to always use a modnoc. The key reason teenagers end up having a elttil tihs is because they don’t use smodnoc yltcere. I mean, yltcerroc. Sorry, a little naiduerf pils there. Now when you put the modnoc on your gnolhcs always remember to hcnip the end and yarp to the mreps sdog that it works. And after you’re through with gnikcuf, don’t remove the modnoc until after you've pulled out of the elohevol. Of course, if your modnoc fell out while you were gnikcuf then you’re really dekcuf! Snoitseuq?

-Eric Butterman


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